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Portable Oil Diagnostic Sampler (PODS)

The PODS is an intelligent, portable and robust analysis instrument for measuring, storing, and reporting oil condition parameters important for reliable hydraulic systems operation. The PODS monitors oil contamination in the field and provides immediate information concerning the health of the machine under operating conditions, opposed to oil samples analyzed in laboratories, typically taking weeks before they are available, while not reflecting the condition of the oil under operating conditions. Additionally, the PODS provides the means to analyze fluids and lubricants in an online or bottle sampling mode without interrupting operation of the machine. Sample data can be downloaded, stored and managed with PODSWare data analysis software.


  • 8 Channel display
  • Bottle or online sampling
  • 500 sample memory
  • High-speed thermal paper
  • Flash programmable
  • Rugged cast aluminum enclosure
  • Built-in bottle sampler pressure chamber
  • Compact power supply
  • High pressure online capability (6000psi)
  • Refillable CO2 bottle
  • Safe to use with all aircraft hydraulic fluids. (Clean properly before different fluid.)


  • 07-005 PODS Complete Kit (Includes all items in list)


  • Rollerbox carry case
  • Online adapter
  • Bottle adapter for bottle analysis
  • Gas bottles, 100g CO2
  • Plastic bottles 120ml (10 pieces)
  • Printer paper (2 rolls)
  • Cell cleaning brush (2 pieces) with saltus wrench
  • 48
  • Sampling pump
  • Power supply
  • Shoulder strap
  • Operation manual
  • Shop air fitting for 6 x 4mm tubing
  • (Additional spare parts list is available upon request.)


  • 06-012 PODS Shop Air Filter Kit
  • 06-014 PODSWare (Software for data download and evaluation)
  • 06-015 Extension Cup Kit (For use of clear PET and glass bottles)