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Remote Control Options

Starline offers several remote control options for all hydraulic power units. All remote controls are custom designed for each machine and to meet the individual customer’s requirements. Controls are available as wired remote PLCs, wireless tablet or mobile phone applications, and PC applications. Remote control can be provided for local direct or wireless connection, as well as remote access through both local and wide-area networks. All controls available on a machine can be used remotely including the safety of an emergency stop function. Mobile and desktop apps can include database functionality for security, test recipes, and data recording.


  • Full or limited remote controls
  • Customized to customer requirements
  • Remote and local network options
  • Any control including:
    • Motor start/stop
    • Valve controls
    • Pressure and flow proportional control
    • Automated test recipes
    • Valve position indication
    • Pressure, flow, and temp displays
    • Filter status indicators
  • PLC Remotes:
    • Lightweight connection cable
    • Weather-tight locking bayonet connectors
    • 3.5″ and 5.7″ portable options
    • Stainless or polycarbonate housing
    • Displays up to 15″ available
  • Mobile App Remotes:
    • Secure wireless connections
    • Wireless AP with full security
    • High-gain antennas
    • Android and iOS platforms
    • Starline or customer supplied devices
  • PC Applications
    • Local and remote networks
    • Windows Operating Systems
    • Data Acquisition Options
    • Database or Excel outputs